Colorado Mycoflora Project at the CMS Fair

As I write this on Saturday, August 11th, were in the midst of setting up for the Colorado Mycological Society’s Mushroom Fair at Denver Botanic Gardens. This year the CMS has brought in Dr Michael Kuo of as the Fair’s resident identifier.

This year’s Fair is particularly exciting because it’s the first year that we’re promoting the Colorado Mycoflora Project. Hopefully we’ll be able to find new donors for our crowdfunding efforts. We’re also giving a trial run to a new method of processing specimens. With the ability to use barcodes and a scanner, we’re working to digitize all of the metadata for every specimen that enters the Fair.  While we won’t accession every collection into the herbarium, this technique should provide us with invaluable collections level data for the overall Colorado Mycoflora Project.

Stay tuned to learn more about our progress.



Specimen information forms and slips with fair ID numbers and barcodes.


Saturday morning gathering of the team. Getting energized and ready to set up for the fair and process 100’s of specimens.


Processing specimens for Sunday’s fair on Saturday. Amy Honan in the foreground. Vera and Michael Kuo at the Identification Table in the background.

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