Welcome to the Colorado Mycoflora Project

What is the Colorado Mycoflora Project?

This project will aim to address the fundamental question, “How many species of macrofungi exist in the Southern Rocky Mountain region?”

Why fungi? Well the answer to this is almost as complex as the organisms themselves. Regardless, the “Why fungi?” link above will take you to the blog that addresses this question. Otherwise, you can also visit the About page to get some detailed information concerning the state of knowledge around Colorado macrofungi.

This project is a regional contributor to the North American Mycoflora Project. It is a statewide and southern Rocky Mountain regional effort to coordinate professional and amateur mycologists to document, describe, and disseminate knowledge about macrofungi (mushrooms, puffballs, polypores, cup fungi, and other fleshy fungi). It is coordinated through the Sam Mitchel Herbarium of Fungi at Denver Botanic Gardens, in cooperation with the Colorado Mycological Society and the Pikes Peak Mycological Society.

As this site grows, we will offer resources, protocols, and instructions on how you can contribute as a citizen scientist and help us document the awesome diversity of macrofungi from the Rocky Mountains.